Give it up to me my angel

My heart is not in a good place..
Every night goes to thinking that his love was never mine.
I turn bitter more and more ,everyday.
He can never see me the way he wants me to be..
Im just bittersweet with no happy ending

“People despise Christian faith. They hate it and are afraid that it may be true. The solution for this is to show them, first of all, that it is not unreasonable, that it is worthy of reverence and respect. Then show that it is winsome, making good men desire that it were true. Then show them that it really is true. It is worthy of reverence because it really understands the human condition. It is also attractive because it promises true goodness.”

Blaise Pascal

I feel like I plunged in the sea of misery ,:(








I feel like im dragging my heart iys earphones dayyyyyyyy

When someone kills theirself , theirs always someone who feels to be blamed or feel like they werent there for that person. As for my dad, no one cared. They were either held a grudge or didnt care.

I wish I was old enough before it happened, so I could either help/love him or join his pain..

Sorry for my grammar and all.

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